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Eye Candy: Crazy-A$$ Loran

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That’s our very own Loran Loosli. In bakasana. ON A TUBE. Like, moving. In the water. At high speed.

Damn, girl. Rock on with your bad self!

Yoga Baby: Sophie

Hello, all you Smokin’ Hot Yoga Moms!

Inspired by Morgan’s adorable 11-month-old yogi, we’re kicking off a new series here on the blog: Yoga Babies. Send in photos of your little yogis showing off their tricks, and we’ll share them with the rest of the YB family.

Here, we have Thoa’s daughter working on tanning the soles of her feet on vacation in Puerto Rico. So THAT’S what happens when your mom’s a yoga instructor!

To send in photos, please email the general mailbox at

Public Displays of Yoga


In honor of hump day…


Most Valuable Yogi

Is anyone really that surprised that LeBron James credits his super-human endurance to his regular (yet covert) yoga practice?

It’s true. All the cool kids are doin’ it.

Image courtesy of, and thanks to William for the great find!

More Yoga on the Beach

Mmmmmm… Matthew McConaughey doing yoga on the beach…. Mmmmmmmmm.


Casting Call: Who Will Be Yoga Belly’s Next Top Model?

Hellllllooooooo yogis!! Hope you have all been well, I’m just getting back from a long weekend down in southern California… recovering from a friend’s wedding and wine tasting and not enough sleep and nineteen hours in a car in the past four days. Oh man, I need to get my yoga-booty back to the studio.

But, I figured we’d start your week off with some exciting news: Will’s friend, Susana Montes, is working on an iPhone app and is searching for a young female “model” for some exercise videos. Do you look good when you sweat? Do you come to life on the runway? Is “Photogenic” your middle name?

Well then, ladies, you could be Yoga Belly’s next top model!

(Alas, I am not even in the room with photogenic, whenever I try to give the camera a face I think is sexy, someone always asks if I’m in pain. Ouch. So, my fellow camera-shy sistas, you’re in good company… rock on with yo bad selves!)

If you’re interested, please email Susana (include a photo) at

Yoga in the White House

Michelle Obama is one rockin’ first lady. Who else could bring dogs, organic gardening, and yoga to the white house? Apparently her mom also practices!

Now if only they had a disco ball…

Photos courtesy of

All the Baby Mamas…

Confession: There may or may not have been a time when I watched Clueless multiple times on a Saturday, practicing saying “As if!” and wishing my hair were long and shiny like Alicia Silverstone’s. Which, yes, I now see as silly/troubling, but I’ve always thought she was adorable… and smart… and now she’s pregnant! And she does yoga! Freida, this is for you :)

Ke$ha Does Yoga On The Beach!

kesha-bikini-yoga-yogadork.jpg (595×414)

…and who doesn’t wanna see that. Hey-oh!

I confess: I love this song. I could totally do my sun salutations to this. What songs would you like instructors to bring to class?

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