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Get Up, Buttercup

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever we learn some crazy new inversion in class, I always have to come home and try it about 8,000 times in the privacy of my bedroom and the comfort of wall-to-wall carpet. My neighbors really appreciate all the kicking up against the wall, aka my “handstand practice.”

Matt told me to practice inversions in the morning, when the body is rested (as opposed to the second I get home from class, and my arms are already so tired I can hardly brush my teeth without shaking), and the mind is clear. The only problem is, sometimes I don’t know how to start.

Then I found this video that starts from the basics of neutral spine all the way up into handstand in just ten minutes. Hello, gorgeous!

TerraFlow Video 8: Krista Cahill’s ABCs of Inversions Part I from YogaEarth on Vimeo.

Enjoy : )

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Embracing the Inevitable

Those of us lucky enough to be in one of Will’s classes last week have probably had this phrase knocking around our heads for a few days. The timing was uncanny for me, actually.

One of the reasons I love Yoga Belly is because it’s heavy on the workout, light on the philosophy. But I do appreciate a thoughtful intention, a well-turned phrase, someone else’s thoughts in my head to keep my own from chattering too loudly in my down dog. I like distinguishing between “accepting” the inevitable and “embracing” the inevitable too, even if it’s so counterintuitive sometimes.

Will used the term in a professional sense, as though opening Yoga Belly and doing what he loves was inevitable. This probably applies to all of us, in all of our various stages of career paths or barely-blazed professional trails, but I find myself applying that term much more broadly: to the weather. My family. Health. To Tax Day right around the corner.

“Embracing” is such a more active verb than “accepting.” I think that’s what feels right to me.

How are you embracing the inevitable right now?

And, because yoga’s all about balance… we’ll balance those heavy thoughts with something light. Lady Gaga!

Wanderlust 2011

I’m sure a lot of you seasoned yogis already know about this, but I had never heard of it until last week. Apparently there is such a thing as the WANDERLUST FESTIVAL, which is an event that celebrates yoga, life, and good old fashioned rock.

Is anyone planning to go?

For more information, click here:

Bonus points: The Fillmore event is on my birthday… I think it’s a sign!

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Five Signs That You Might Take Yoga Too Seriously:

Yoga Journal has a hilarious blog post about the signs that you might be becoming a yoga snob! Luckily, here at Yoga Belly we laugh in the face of tipping-tree-poses.

So, I’m curious… what keeps you grounded? What keeps you from taking yourself too seriously? For me, it’s those blasted chaturangas… no matter how many I do (or don’t do), they keep me shaking and giggling just inches from the floor. It’s hard to take yourself seriously in such a position.

Sunday Morning Yoga

For those of us who dance all night on Saturday and “pay the fiddler” on Sunday, the New York Times has an interesting cure: Yoga for Hangovers.

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