Adam Sewell

Stunt Guy, Horse Whisperer, South African Cowboy

Wanted For:
Kickn’ a playful vibe on yoga

Da best vinyasa in town, no-holds-barred-straight-talk cueing, alignment & traditional yoga junkie

Notorious For:
Nature & animal lovah, equestrian at heart, professional Hollywood stunt work, and finding some balance with Tai Chi and easy riding of my Kawasaki

Workout Playlist:
Mixin’ it up, let’s see what the day is brings

Heat Level:
Classes can be hot or not, it’s gonna depend on the sequence of the class.

Workout Level:
Hard… only becoz classes focus on alignment and form, givin’ ya the opportunity to feel every single traditional pose.

“We don’t want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore — and they won’t be.” -Donald Trump

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