Jennifer Harpin

My friends call me Jenny but I wouldn’t call it a nickname, just a loving way to call my name.

Wanted For:
My classes are known for being creative, challenging and consistent. When you take my class you’ll leave feeling lighter and inspired by your own strengths.

Notorious For:
I recently discovered Barre and I immediately felt in love with it so that’s my second favorite type of movement. But what I love doing the most is taking walks with my family, either around our neighborhood or somewhere around the globe exploring a new city. I love traveling and getting lost in a new culture.

On my free time which is not often after becoming a mom, I like to create macrame pieces, I’m not an expert but there’s something about it that makes me happy when I do it.

Workout Playlist:
My musical taste is all over the place and it’s often chosen by my mood. For my classes I prefer music with the least lyrics or noise possible to allow my students to follow my voice, so you’ll often hear some soft lounge house and acoustic.

Workout Level:
My classes are as hard as you want your practice to be. I like to teach to everyone in the room so I offer variations for a wide range of practitioners.

Heat Level:
I did my teacher training at a heated studio so I have been practicing heated yoga for years on and off. I think the heat is a great tool to help students open up more and explore poses deeper, it also allows your mind to stay more present and connected with your body.

I’m not much of a quote person but based on my expenses in life I can say with confidence that nothing happens by accident, EVERYTHING really does happen for a reason and sometimes it takes years maybe a lifetime to understand that specially when you are going through emotional pain. It is hard to understand that the suffering we go through is a gift, a lesson we need to be able to find our path.

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