Jimmy Halverson

Jimmers, Jimster, Jimbo, Atb, Jimjams

Wanted For:
High 5’s & happy smiles

Notorious For:
Rugged good looks & girlish figure

Workout Playlist:
From the Hegemon collective or Chinchilla, Petit Biscuit, Flume, Jerry Folk, Aesop rock, Brother Ali, Atmosphere & more

Heat Level:
Nothing that’ll cook your ears off, but enough to beat some questions into you – “Why Jimmy why?!?”…“Who the f*ck does this?!?”…

Workout Level:
A little of this and a little of that, maybe feelin’ it the next day tho.

“DANCE like you aren’t depressed, SING like you didn’t kill that homeless guy, LOVE like you don’t have herpes” – Unknown

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